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25 Kids Rooms Skylights for Delightful Kids Rooms Design Ideas


A light that shines from up above as if presenting a portal to divine beauty, the skylight alters the appeal of a room and its aura completely. For many of us who are accustomed to interiors where it is only the window that brings in natural light, the presence of a skylight seems almost wondrous. And whether you choose to use it in the kitchen or in the bedroom, this window to the sky offers many benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics. Today we take a look at kids’ rooms that tap into the beauty of skylights and light tubes as a flood of radiance illuminates them ever so beautifully!



Adding a skylight to the kids’ room depends on the aesthetics of the room, its location, and of course, the amount of natural light it already receives. Style is barely a factor here, and while adding a skylight to an existing room can be a tough task, planning for one during construction is a whole lot easier. From the captivating to the subtle, here is a collection of 20 awesome kids’ rooms that embrace the skylight gleefully.



A Light-filled Playroom

The playroom in the house is arguably the most conducive place for the installation of a skylight, and it is also the room that benefits the most. If your little ones can barely ever get enough time and space to play outside, then bringing the outdoors inside might not really be that bad of an alternative. Even if it is just some sunshine beaming through, a glimpse of the beautiful blue sky and the lush green canopy that surrounds the house; this little view can make a big difference indeed.



In some cases, that lone, large and rectangular skylight might not be enough for the large playroom, and here you can opt for multiple smaller skylights that also bring in some geometric contrast with their round silhouette. From an old garage that is turned into a spacious play area to a custom treehouse that is already bathed in light, skylights definitely elevate the ‘fun quotient’ of a playroom instantly!



Smart Kids’ Bedrooms

Placement of a skylight in the kids’ bedroom is all about finding the right place for it and combining it with the already existing pendant and recessed lights. Whether it is the dashing boys’ bedroom or the gorgeous girls’ bedroom that is filled with an air of femininity, the skylight allows you to present the space in the best possible light, quite literally! Placing the skylight above the bed is another cool option that brings the star-studded night sky into the kids’ room and turns it into a dreamy, magical setting.



Multiple skylights in the kids’ bedroom often lead to too much light, and it is only advisable to install more than one skylight if the room is large enough to house several beds. A bunk bedroom is the perfect spot for this, and with right insulation (or even a retractable shade), these skylights can completely alter the atmosphere of the room without affecting its energy-efficiency.



Space-Conscious Designs

The skylight in the small bedroom is an absolute life-saver. If you are thinking about turning the attic into a retreat for your kids that accommodates their bedroom, study and play area, then skylights are definitely something you should consider. Unlike in the case of large windows, the skylight fills the small kids’ bedroom with ample natural light without casting shadows in any particular direction. It also does not visually fragment the space and evenly illuminates every corner of the modest bedroom. Adding to all of this is the visual of the sky, which ushers in a sense of spaciousness and removes any perceptible claustrophobia.



Breaking Style Constraints

A skylight definitely does not disturb the existing style of the kids’ room and only enhances it several fold. But the advantages of a skylight do not stop there. Especially in the kids’ room (and maybe more so in the teen room) a skylight can actually inculcate the habit of getting up with the sun each morning! That might not sound like much, but ask any parent who needs to force their kids out of bed a million times each morning, and they will definitely tell you that it is a luxury they would love to have!

From cutting energy costs in the winter to bringing freshness and creating a healthy living atmosphere, a skylight offers a host of rewards unlike anything else. Maybe it is time you think about bringing one into the kids’ room as well!

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