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26 Best Grey and Yellow Bedrooms Decorating Ideas


Grey and Yellow Bedrooms – What do you get when you combine a versatile, trendy neutral hue with a refreshing, bright color that steals the show? Surely a space that exudes refinement along with plenty of oomph! grey has been topping the ‘popular neutrals’ chart for what seems like forever now, and yellow brings energy and joyful exuberance to almost any space it adorns. Bring these two together in the bedroom, and you have a personal retreat that is both exciting and relaxing at the same time.

Most contemporary homes these days have embraced grey with glee, and you can find almost every second home clad in one of the many shades of grey. But you can set your home apart from the pack by adding pops of beautiful and refreshing yellow that exemplify the summer and will serve you well all year long as well. Classy, modern and yet playful, this combination offers the ideal balance between the sophisticated and the snazzy!

Yellow and Grey Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Yellow Bedside Lamps Bring Symmetry to the Room

Yellow and Grey Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Gray in a Light Shade in the Bedroom

While grey is indeed a classy, trendy hue, it does look dull and lifeless when used on its own in the bedroom. In fact, experts suggest that a touch of a bright, invigorating shade is almost a must in bedrooms to keep away both boredom and depression. Doing precisely this is energizing yellow. And today, we take a look at the very best grey and yellow bedrooms decorating ideas !

Modern Yellow and Grey Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Yellow and Grey Bedroom in Granite Grey Along with a Delightful Yellow Dresser

Play with the Shades of Grey

We do love the many shades of grey and the adaptability that the color has when it comes to being used as a predominant neutral in the bedroom. By simply picking a darker grey, you can easily give the room a more serious, sophisticated look. On the other end of the spectrum are the lighter smoky grey shades that can be used more extensively in the room without any hassle. Explore these many engaging shades before you really pick the right grey for your bedroom. Those trying to achieve a cheerful, Scandinavian style in the bedroom should prefer shades closer to white with restrained pops of red.

Exquisite Use of Grey, Yellow and Orange in the Bedroom

Yellow and Grey Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Vases Add Pops of Yellow to the Grey Bedroom

Yellow and Grey Bedroom with Pops Decorating Ideas

But having a small bedroom does not mean you use only gentle shades of grey. Make the confined room darker with a color like Evening Hush and use the yellow additions to achieve a glamorous, Hollywood Regency-inspired look. A chic mirror or two and a plush tufted headboard further add to the aura of opulence in the room.

Yellow and Grey Bedroom Add a Couple Throw Pillows

Contemporary Bedroom with a Colorful Bed in Yellow and Grey

Yellow and Grey Bedroom with a Splash of Grey

Draped in Elegance

One of the most underrated elements when it comes to bedroom decorating is the use of drapes and window blinds. Drapes enhance the aesthetics of the room, soften the visual and add a luxurious vibe. While this is pretty obvious, the moment you take a look at any of the bedrooms below, what many homeowners miss is the insulation that drapes provide. Gorgeous drapes in grey and yellow will not only give the bedroom a cozier ambiance this winter, but will also efficiently keep out the cold. Cutting down on energy bills and offering adequate privacy, drapes are an easy way to accentuate the yellow-grey combination in the bedroom.

Yellow and Grey Bedroom with Curtains Add Geometric Pattern IdeasYellow and Grey Bedroom with Curtains Add Geometric Pattern Ideas

Shutters Add Cheerful Yellow and Grey Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Yellow and Grey Bedroom with Stylish Bench Ideas

Think beyond the plain grey drapes this season and opt for curtains with bold geometric prints inspired by Midcentury modern trends. Iconic patterns like the David Hicks hexagon in snazzy yellow obviously are a timeless hit that will serve you well for years to come. A plush matching rug with an equally alluring print in yellow will complete the look.

Luxury Yellow and Grey Bedroom with Tufted Headboard and Silken Drapes

Lovely Drapes Accentuate Grey and Yellow Color Palette Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Grey and Yellow Bedroom with Vintage Black and White Decorating Ideas

Bedding, Bedside Lights and More

Have you ever thought about a sensational bed in canary yellow? Or maybe a dresser in delightful yellow is what you need to complete your fashionable bedroom in grey. If you are already happy with such basic decor and want to infuse yellow in a more visually apparent fashion, you can always turn to bedding and throw pillows. This is an easy way to also switch between hot accents while keeping the neutral backdrop constant. Bedside table lamps or even simple vases on the nightstand can also make a big statement when the rest of the room is completely clad in muted hues.

Contemporary Dark Grey and Yellow Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Simple Yellow and Grey Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Grey and Yellow Bedroom with Wall Decorating Ideas

Unlike daring interiors drenched in black or ones embracing tantalizing orange, working with grey and yellow is fairly easy and straightforward. Of course, with a hint of creativity you can always put your own fun little spin on this graceful color palette that will serve you well across all seasons.

Modern and Luxury Yellow and Grey Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Luxurious Master Bedroom in Gray with Yellow Accents Ideas

Gorgeous Bedroom in Grey and Yellow Decorating Ideas Luxurious Master Bedroom with Yellow and Grey Decorating Ideas

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