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25 Elegant Bedroom Chandelier Ideas That Exudes Luxury


Bedroom Chandelier Ideas – Many people like to have a chandelier in their bedroom not so much because they require really good lights but because they need something nice to decorate their room. Just for an example imagine this; you already have a nice bed and furniture so you get some really nice looking bed linen and window curtains that complement each other. You then get a small bed lamp with a contrasting shade for the lamp shade. You can also go with floor rugs of the same color as the lampshade and you feel that you have yourself a very simple yet tastefully decorated room.

Design and decorating world can be pretty rigid at times. This is especially the case for those who cannot imagine decorating solutions beyond the obvious. Conventions are drilled into our psychic and as years pass on, we subconsciously become tuned to a certain template. Yet, it is breaking this stream of monotony that produces stunning and distinctive interiors. In a world where table lamps, sconces and pendants have become the lighting fixtures of choice in bedrooms, the chandelier offers a welcome change. Adding a chandelier to the bedroom is not necessarily a revolutionary idea. But it definitely sets your bedroom apart from many other boring spaces!

Contemporary Bedroom in White and Blue with Traditional Chandelier Ideas

The chandelier was a staple of sorts in almost every Victorian and classic bedroom. But changing times, bedroom ambiance and styles have seen a shift away from the sparkle of the chandelier to the elegance of pendant lighting. Today, recessed lights coupled with bedside lamps dominate bedroom lighting scheme in most homes. It is a look that gives decorating flexibility and is also economical. But bring a chandelier into the bedroom and it completely transforms the aura of the space. Exquisite, modern and at times even quirky, here are 25 bedroom chandelier ideas that tap into the beauty of a gorgeous chandelier.

Dramatic Chandelier Accentuates The Hollywood Regency of Master Bedroom

Luxurious Brick Walled Bedroom with Twin Chandeliers Ideas

Shabby Chic Bedroom Chandeliers

The delicate, intricate and dazzling frame of a lovely chandelier seems at odds with the image of rough and practical industrial bedroom filled with open duct pipes, brick walls and concrete. Yet, the combination works surprisingly well. The gorgeous chandelier stands out even more in these modern industrial bedrooms and their tantalizing, glassy brilliance brings a completely different dimension to the space.

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Shabby Chic Bedroom with Chandelier Design Ideas

Neo Baroque Bedroom with Brick Wall and Chandelier Ideas

The shabby chic bedroom on the other hand offers a completely different backdrop. Its feminine aura, floral patterns and pastel hues paint the perfect background for a fabulous and classic crystal chandelier. In fact, the chandelier can even disappear in the white setting during daytime only to reveal itself after sunset. Adding a chandelier to these feminine, modern bedrooms is both easy and seamless!

Awesome Shabby Chic Bedroom with Glittering Chandelier Ideas

Gorgeous Victorian Bedrooms with Chandelier

As we already alluded to earlier, Victorian bedrooms and breathtaking chandeliers go hand-in-hand. Even if your bedroom veers more towards modern aesthetics and has just a splattering of Victorian overtones, consider replacing those bedside sconces or boring track lights with a beautiful chandelier. Since most Victorian bedrooms have ceilings that are a touch more ornate than the usual ones, the chandelier also adds to their grandeur and draws your eye towards the unique ceiling. Be it in an Art Deco style bedroom with contemporary overtones or just a transitional bedroom with plenty of color, a dashing chandelier holds its own pretty much everywhere.

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Chandelier White Bedroom with Plenty of Textural Beauty Ideas

Modern Bedroom with Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall and Chandelier Ideas

Chandeliers for the Modern Bedroom

Crystal chandeliers are without a doubt the most popular choice even in modern bedrooms for those looking to usher in some ‘chandelier goodness’. In larger bedrooms with a higher ceiling, cascading chandeliers provide a stunning focal point and give the interior a sense of timeless opulence. Metallic chandeliers bring a completely different element to the contemporary bedroom and can be equally compelling when used right. Warm metallic finish of brass chandeliers set against the neutral background of a modern bedroom also adds to the overall splendor.

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Modern and Victorian Bedroom Styles with Chandelier Combined Elegantly Inside This Delightful Bedroom Ideas

Modern Victorian Bedroom with Chandelier Eclectic Blue Flair Ideas

Colorful Chandeliers Ideas

Colorful chandeliers are not for everyone. But they need not be relegated to the kids’ room either! A gorgeous chandelier with golden sparkle instantly elevates the style quotient of a room and gives it a regal makeover. A hint of color bright in by the chandelier can also complement the color palette of your bedroom without going overboard. It might be a hard look to pull off; but it sure does look smashing when done just right!

Opulent Bedroom with Fabulous Chandelier and Gorgeous Italian Craftsmanship

Striking Black Chandelier for The White Bedroom Ideas

4 Reasons You Should Install Bedroom Chandeliers

Chandeliers have been commonly associated with big foyers, entrances, and dining rooms. Times have changed, and now you can find them in different rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom, and even walk-in closets. Bedroom chandeliers are a big trend nowadays, but you might be asking yourself “Why would I want to put one in there”. Here are some good reasons to do that.

Make your Bedroom Feel like a Royal Suite

Historically, chandeliers could only be found in the houses of the rich. They were a symbol of wealth and helped make the room they were in look more glamorous and elegant. When it comes to the bedroom, they will add an extra level of elegance and sophistication, making the room feel more like a royal suite inside a castle than just another regular room.

Classic Chandelier Visually Complements the Painted Ceiling of the Victorian Bedroom Ideas

Glassy Chandelier Idea for The Modern Bedroom

Whether you go with one big fixture in the middle of the room, or several smaller ones, there is a certain type of glamour that shines through the room when you first enter it. A Central chandelier will often be the first thing noticed, making you look up in the room, followed by looking around, giving the impression of a grand room. On the other hand, well-placed smaller chandeliers will add to the décor and immediately provide you with an elegant feeling to the area they illuminate.

Gorgeous and Comfortable Bedroom with Sunburst Mirror and Lovely Chandelier Ideas

They are a Great Source of Lighting

The warm light of a chandelier can turn any boring bedroom into a dreamy and cozy refuge. For example, crystal chandeliers can reflect the light in beautiful ways, illuminating the room even further. In daylight, the sunlight rays hitting the crystals will reflect colored lights, giving the feeling of a rainbow within your room, providing a cozy and natural feeling.

In addition, they can be used for accent lighting purposes. You can draw attention to your bed with one hung above it, giving the room a romantic feeling centered on the bed. Perhaps you can hang a chandelier above a corner chair to make a cozy reading area.

Light Blue and White Master Bedroom with Classic Flair Chandelier

Stunning Chandelier Sits at The Center of The Luxury Contemporary Bedroom

Let’s not forget that you can also install a dimmer for your chandelier. This allows you to control the lighting to your liking in order to find the perfect level of brightness that suits you.

You can Easily Accessorize Them

Unlike many other décor pieces, chandeliers are easy to accessorize. This allows you to give new life to it at a whim, as well as allowing you to add a special personal touch to it. There are many choices for this, with lines of crystals or beads being the most popular. Imagine hanging some funky wooden beads to give the chandelier a bohemian look, or some glass colored beads to add some play on lighting. These are but a few examples. It’s all about your imagination and your tastes.

Chandelier Steals the Spotlight for Chic Modern Bedroom Ideas

Stunning Light Blue and White Master Bedroom with Classic Chandelier Ideas

Bedroom Chandeliers are a Good Investment

When you think about it, chandeliers have been in use for centuries, and they have never gone out of style. We currently live in a world where style is constantly changing, yet you have this one décor item that has stood the test of time. They have been used as decorative pieces since the medieval times (albeit with simple designs). Starting in the 15th century and then the 18th century, they started taking more complicated, intricate, and beautiful designs.

Glittering Gold Crystal Chandelier Brings Opulence Master Bedroom Ideas

Chic and Colorful Chandelier for Teen Bedroom Pink Decorating Ideas

Furthermore, with them traditionally being associated with the wealthy, they can easily add value to any room or house they are in.

These are some of the top reasons you should consider installing bedroom chandeliers. There is a huge amount of different designs with different colors that can fit any room.

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