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25 DIY Rustic Coffee Tables for Minimalist Living Room


DIY Rustic Coffee Tables – Few pieces of furniture define your living room as the coffee table and fewer see as much traffic as these versatile delights. The modern coffee table is much more than a space for your magazines, books and beverages. It brings the living room together from an aesthetic and functional point of view, provides a dashing focal point when you need one and can also offer a hint of textural and visual contrast on other occasions. But changing between coffee tables with altering seasons and trends can be an expensive and time-consuming affair. And even if you are willing to go the extra yard, it is often hard to find exactly what you are looking.

DIY Chalkboard Coffee Table for Interactive Living Room Ideas

This is precisely when your DIY skills come in mighty handy! A DIY coffee table is perfect for those who are picky about the tiniest of detail when it comes to choosing a coffee table and it also saves plenty of dough. Some DIY coffee tables are relatively easy to craft while others demand a touch more practice and finesse. But we are sure that you would get a hang of it all within no time. Of course, we are here to provide all the inspiration and (step-by step guidance) that you need as we showcase the 15 best DIY coffee tables around.

Homemade Patterned Coffee Table for Modern Living Room Ideas

Polished and Elegant Coffee Tables

With midcentury design gaining plenty of popularity in the last few years, it is inevitable that homeowners want a coffee table with a curvy top and slim wooden legs. These trademark features of midcentury modern coffee tables make them a sought-after acquisition and often one that is pretty expensive. But crafting a gorgeous midcentury style coffee table is a lot less expensive affair and even the most polished creations should not set your back by any more than $80-$100.

Rustic Modern Rectangular Cocktail Coffee Table Furniture Ideas

Popular Rustic Coffee Table for Small Living Room Ideas

DIY Rustic Wooden Coffee Table Furniture Ideas

If midcentury modern coffee tables are not your thing, then try out equally trendy and contemporary coffee tables with Nordic charm. The DIY Danish modern coffee table is a showstopper that looks as good as any store-bought piece while the minimal DIY tile coffee table is even sleeker and can also offer a dash of storage space for your magazines.

DIY Wooden Rustic Coffee Table

Another hot decorating trend of 2017, the coffee table in wood is once again finding space in refined, contemporary living rooms across the globe. All you need at times are a few wooden boards and hairpin legs to craft a gorgeous and striking DIY wooden coffee table that stands out from the crowd! Those who love the rustic appeal of raw wooden blocks can take things a step further with a Live-Edge DIY coffee table while a smart piece that combines the warmth of wood with sparkle of copper feels even trendier!

DIY Rustic X Coffee Table for Small Living Room

DIY Factory Cart-Style Coffee Table Made for Less Than $100

Unassuming and Rustic DIY Coffee Table for Living Room

Rustic DIY Coffee Table on Wheels with Sstorage Furniture Ideas

Colorful Spunk for the Coffee Table

Why start working on a new coffee table when you can give your existing one a vibrant makeover! A touch of pattern and a dab of color can revitalize the existing coffee table and turn it into a unique and eye-catching masterpiece. While a Custom Patterned Coffee Table that you can craft in no more than just a few minutes sounds great, a chalkboard DIY coffee table is even better! It gives the little ones in your home a creative outlet and even adults can tap into its many benefits by chalking down everything from grocery lists to things that need to get done on the weekend!

Rustic Coffee Table with Dash of Yellow Design Ideas

DIY Mid Century Coffee Table for Less Than $50

DIY Danish Modern Coffee Table Furniture Ideas

Rustic and Upcycled DIY Coffee Tables

With the right idea and hint of inspiration, you can turn pretty much anything and everything into a fabulous and exceptional coffee table. Wine crate DIY coffee tables are pretty popular among design aficionados as they are both easy to work with and inexpensive. They also bring vintage charm to a living room and you can simple use a quartet of castors to give your coffee table mobility. Be it old doors turned into a coffee table with ample storage space of simply a classic wooden coffee table that helps in your living room organization, giving the discarded and the forgotten a new, useful avatar does feel immensely satisfying!

DIY Wine Crate Coffee Table Furniture Idea

Innovative DIY Wooden Coffee Table Furniture Ideas

DIY Upcycled Suitcase Coffee Table Ideas

Enhance the Beauty of Your Living Room With Rustic Coffee Tables

Coffee tables add up to the beauty of your living room by not only completing it but also by helping you to keep coffee or snacks while you enjoy a nice conversation with your friends and family. In case the theme of your living room is rustic then you definitely need a nice rustic coffee table. A rustic table enhances the natural environment you have created in your living room.

Slim Coffee Table with Copper Pipe Base Furniture Ideas

Rustic coffee tables have certain benefits which will never regret you for buying such a coffee table.

One of the major advantage of purchasing rustic furniture is that it matches the theme of your living room. It will complete the natural look of your living room as rustic coffee tables are completely influenced from natural beauty. These tables help you in creating a complete natural look and bring you closer to the natural beauty.

These tables are unique and one of its kind, as you will never see that same table somewhere else as every item made in rustic art is different from the other. It will give you the feeling of belonging as you will not see the same table somewhere else. There are certain people who love to keep unique stuff as they do not like it if someone else has the same thing. Therefore rustic coffee tables are the best option for them as they will not find the same table elsewhere.

Simple and Minimal DIY Tile Coffee Table Ideas

These tables can also be made at home. All you need is a big piece of log or trunk of a tree which you can easily find in your backyard and then you can shape it according to your choice making it economical as well as different. You do not have to think about the style and design as well as that is something which has already been decided by nature. All you have to do it give it a shape of a table and there you are with your own handmade rustic table.

A rustic table is very durable as it is made of wood which is considered to be one of the toughest materials. Unless you have used it very roughly the chances of it to get break is almost nil. Such tables are very useful in case you have children at home as it won’t break even if the children jump on them. They usually have a very long life and therefore are able to function properly even after years.

Live Edge DIY Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs

The value of these tables increase instead of decreasing since these tables are unique and do not match with any other table available in the market. These tables after years of being used can also be sold as antique because of its uniqueness and closeness to natural beauty.

Chic DIY Danish Modern Coffee Table Furniture Ideas

When deciding to purchase a rustic coffee table you must consider the wood material out of which the coffee table is made. You must choose the wood which is durable and strong enough to be able to carry heavy items. While selecting the best wood material for your rustic coffee table you must choose on the finish that you require like; natural, reddish or painted finish. But you must remember that the beauty of rustic furniture lies in its natural finish.

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