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20 Orange Kitchen Pendant Light Ideas, Adding Sparkle to Your Kitchen


Every room needs a touch of sparkle and a dash of energetic playfulness that gives it a personality of its own. This infusion of vivaciousness is an even more urgent necessity in contemporary spaces where it is white, gray and an array of other neutrals that hold sway. With most of us embracing the neutral color palette for open living areas, which also include the kitchen, orange is the perfect color to enliven the setting. There are obvious many different ways of adding orange zest to the modern kitchen. A colorful backsplash in burnt orange is sure to turn heads while cabinet doors in orange are much more of a rarity. But have you ever thought about brilliant and beautiful orange pendant lights?

For most homeowners who are afraid to use a color as striking and bright as orange in the kitchen in a permanent or extensive fashion, orange pendants provide a smart and easy decorating alternative. These lovely lighting fixtures look great both when switched on and off and more often than not, end up becoming the most eye-catching feature of the kitchen. As always, we present to you today, some of the best kitchens that embrace orange pendants gleefully along with the many options out there. Enjoy!

A Smart, Orange Vibe

Yes, using orange extensively in the kitchen is not as straightforward as it is with other colors. But with a hint of creativity, the right shade and lighting, you can more than just ‘make it work’. In the modern kitchen, do not just limit yourself to paint when you start thinking about orange. Everything from the kitchen island to wooden cabinets can exude a bright, orangey hue and your sparkling orange pendants can put the final touches on the inviting and elegant space.

If you are looking for pendants to complement warm, orange wooden tones in the kitchen, think of those made out of porcelain, ceramic or other organic materials. They feel more nature-centric, have a matte finish and should give the entire room a radiant, yet calming visual appeal. Brighter the orange pendants, the more neutral your kitchen needs to be!

For the Polished Modern Kitchen

From an aesthetic viewpoint, smart orange pendants look simply gorgeous in the sophisticated modern kitchen. Since most of these spaces tend to feature a neutral white walls and ceiling, the pops of orange in the form or lovely pendants are instantly noticeable. Coupling another bright color with orange is also a fun choice and you can try out everything from black and darker shades of blue to chic pink and mellow yellow. Window coverings in orange, little vases and jars in orange and other kitchen accessories can be used to repeat the color, giving the kitchen a curated, graceful ambiance.

Blending in with Your Style!

More than the color of the pendants, it is its design, form and the material used to craft it that determines whether it blends into the style and theme of your kitchen. While orange pendants with polished, gleaming finish look great in the contemporary, minimal and modern kitchens, those with matter finish and an organic overtone are ideal for shabby chic, traditional, Mediterranean and rustic kitchens. Some might be permanent iconic additions like the Kartell FL/Y Suspension Lamp while other bargain buys could provide a seasonal change of accents hues without forcing you to splurge a fortune.

Orange Kitchen Color Scheme

You might think that orange was a poor choice for a kitchen as it has so much warmth about it but it can also be a brilliant and unusual choice giving your home an exclusive and unique look in a sea of bland colored kitchens. Orange, as you are no doubt aware, is an intense color, and it is impossible to ignore it but it is also both stimulating and welcoming, two qualities which are valuable in a kitchen. But how can you incorporate orange without creating a color scheme which seems over the top?

1. In a Pure White Kitchen

If your kitchen units are shiny white, your work tops dark and your flooring neutral (for example wood effect laminate or granite tiles) then you need to inject some color on your walls otherwise your kitchen will be pretty cold and bland. The thing with a kitchen is that there is often very little wall space on show after everything is installed so orange is ideal to fill in the gaps and add interest.

2. In a Country Kitchen

Burnt orange gives a wonderful rustic touch to a country kitchen filled with solid wooden units. It works well if you have hardwood or terracotta flooring whether that is terracotta tiles or terracotta colored vinyl or laminate. It also lends itself well to a Mediterranean style and adding blue accessories and putting Mediterranean hand painted pottery on display will accentuate that look.

3. On One Wall

If you think all-over orange will be overpowering, you can add a contrast wall in a larger kitchen where other surfaces are a plain color such as white or cream. This works well to mark a separate dining area in your kitchen and make that more inviting than the cooler tones of the kitchen area. Be sure to tie the two areas together by taking some orange over into the kitchen area in the form of accessories or even in a pattern in the kitchen curtains.

4. As Accessories

Any room needs a focal point or two to lift it from the bland and boring and even if you are not ready for solid orange walls, you can have fun with orange accessories. An orange roller blind or kitchen curtains would look good at the window and would contrast nicely with any plants you have growing on the sill. Look for orange storage jars and prints for your walls too. You could use an orange patterned fabric to make kitchen seat cushions. Or display a bowl of oranges (Edible accessories!) There is even a Kitchenaid mixer in orange too that you can proudly put on display.

Hello :) I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite spaces in our home. Always a work in progress and I love how its coming along.

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