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15 Amazing Luxury Dining Room Furniture Sets Ideas


Luxury Dining Room Furniture Sets Ideas – A dining room is a place where you spend most of the time of the day; in fact, it is the second most frequented room after kitchen. Some homeowners love to use the dining area only for eating purposes while others use this space to mingle with the family members. Luxurious dining room furniture set can be of great help in upgrading the dining area. With the correct choice of furniture pieces, you can manage to have a dining area with the eye-savoury appeal.

Modern Dining Room with Stunning Lighting and Plenty of Elegance

With changing design trends, decorating styles and constantly evolving interiors, the dining room has become a forgotten space of sorts. From being that exquisite and dedicated space for a fine dining experience to an afterthought that is increasingly playing second fiddle to the kitchen and the living space in an open plan living, modern dining rooms have becomes just ‘dining spaces’. Many homeowners feel that the additional room is better served as a second bedroom, home offices, playroom or even a guest room that doubles as study. But for those who still love the opulence, grandeur and sheer magnetism of a lavish dining room, the collection below is bound to be a visual feast!

Despite the trend of integrated unassuming dining spaces with the social kitchen, a completely different end of the spectrum has seen the revival of the luxurious, classic dining room. While they might seem a touch too ornate and ‘over-the-top’ for some, others might love the majestic and timeless backdrop they present for a perfect and memorable family dinner. Elegant, affluent and at times modern, here is a look at 15 latest dining rooms furniture sets with brilliant craftsmanship and an air of indulgence.

Luxury Italian Dining Room Furniture

There is something inherently timeless and beautiful about luxury Italian décor that leaves us all mesmerized. When it comes to classic, luxurious dining rooms, this becomes even more evident with the likes of Roberto Cavalli and Medea combining a hint of modernity with timeless aesthetics and golden glint. Apart from the beautiful fretwork, the golden embellishment and the silvery overtones, colors such as deep fuchsia, gentle purple and scarlet red add to the grandiose of these remarkable dining spaces. If you have both the space and the budget to spare, then getting one seems like an absolute no-brainer!

Modern Dining Room Furniture

A dining room draped in luxury need not be all about timeless aesthetics, plenty of gold and a healthy dose of Victorian style. Even modern dining rooms with their gorgeous wood or stone dining tables, neutral colors that oscillate between black, white and gray and contemporary finishes can seem equally enchanting when done right. A large part of getting this elusive jigsaw right is lighting. Yup, it once again comes down to a sparkling chandelier, a cascading pendant fixture with crystal brilliance or even a custom chandelier that steals the spotlight with ease.

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Luxury Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Metallics play a pivotal part in giving the dining room a luxurious look. Even if you are not too keen on an overload of ‘gold’, do think about more restrained and modern metallic accents to usher in some much needed dazzle! A grand dining table in stone adds to this glitter with wall art, wallpaper and other coverings creating a captivating backdrop.

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Complete the space with beautiful vases, classic candleholders and some fresh flowers to accentuate the ‘luxury quotient’. Cabinets with glass doors or a fancy china display takes this already wonderful dining room to a whole new level!

Decorating Dining Room Tips That’ll Make a Luxurious Difference

The dining space in your home is typically reserved to family dinners and the occasional get-together on holidays and birthdays. Although you may not use your dining space as much as your living room or family room, it’s still important to keep it looking its best. The dining room is typically the one place in the home that you don’t have to worry about suffering from extra wear and tear, having toys left lying around it, or paying it extra attention when it comes to spring cleaning.

Therefore, this room is the perfect place to add elegant and unique additions without having to constantly worry about their well being. If you’re looking to give your space a bit of an upgrade – turn to some of the following tips:

  • A great overhead lighting fixture is something that will add beauty and illumination to your dining space. Having the proper lighting is extremely important. Whether it’s just a routine dinner or a large family gathering, these events can be greatly compromised by poor or insufficient lighting. By choosing a piece that compliments your room’s theme, as well as adds beauty to the space, you’ll be adding aesthetic function.
  • If your chairs have seen better days, you’re certainly not alone. Many homeowners deal with hand-me-down furniture and after years and years of continued use, your chairs may have started to show some signs of wear. Don’t run out and buy new chairs just yet. You may have been able to cover the table with a tablecloth, so apply the same idea to your chairs. Slip covers for all sizes and shapes of seating are available and can often be customized to fit your theme. The slipcovers will be easy to remove to wash and if you have children – you know what a luxury that is.
  • Your dining room doesn’t have to be a table, some chairs, and a light. Making your dining area personal is always a great idea since you and your family probably spend a lot of time there together. If you’re looking to get a family photo taken – this room makes a perfect place to display your new portrait. Can’t find a place in the living room for the kids’ school pictures or your wedding photos? Hanging them in the dining room in frames that coordinate with your room’s theme can put the perfect personalized touch on things.
  • If you’re looking to invest in a large piece for the home like a statue, a grandfather clock, or a china cabinet this room makes a perfect place for elegant pieces like these. Unlike the living room or family room, kids typically aren’t running through quite as frequently and it’s a perfect, safe place for expensive additions like these.
  • Although they’re not always in there – a new set of china can certainly make an impact on your dining space when it’s in use. If you host a lot of dinners or get-togethers, consider choosing dinnerware that matches the theme. It will be a very small detail – but often in the home, it’s the tiniest considerations that make the biggest differences.

Your dining room is a very important space in the home. It can bring you and your family together on a daily basis and certainly be home to some lasting memories. If there’s one place in your home you can introduce a little luxury and beauty, it’s definitely here. Whether you’re looking to remodel, move, or just make some simple adjustments, giving it some luxurious updates will help you improve the look and feel for years to come.

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