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DIY Platform Bed Frame with Drawers


DIY Platform Bed Frame with Drawers – “Mommy, I want a unique platform for my bed,” your little daughter asks you a platform bed frame suddenly when you are in a department store with her. She wants to redecorate her bedroom because she feels bored to the design. Due to that fact, you should think about some plans to redecorate your little daughter’s room. You can start it by buying this platform for her bed.

Platform bed frame will decorate your little daughter’s bed with its unique design. You can buy it in some department stores or you can also make it by yourself. If you are on a budget, you can make a platform bed frame DIY. Not only make you save your money, but it can also help you to use your creativity to make and design this platform bed. You only need to buy some wood, nails, and paint without hiring any employees.

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Queen Platform Bed Frame

Having twin daughters sometimes makes you difficult to think of platform bed frame ideas . It is because you should make sure if the design which is chosen are suitable with their favor. As we all know if everyone has different favor toward something. In order to solve this problem, platform bed frame twins is really suitable for your twin daughters. You can make a big one for them but you should ask their agreement before making it.

Dark brown can be used as the main color of the platform bed frame for your daughter. You can match the bed by using light brown bedcover so that your little daughter’s bedroom will look more beautiful. Furthermore, you can also paint it with some interesting colors, such as pink, orange, blue, green, and also purple. These colors will make your little daughter feels comfort to sleep in the night so that they will have a very nice dream.

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