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30 Stylish Black Coffee Tables Trend Furniture 2017 for Contemporary Living Spaces


Black Coffee Tables – Bold, striking and sophisticated black makes a big impact in a room even when used sparingly. Often relegated to window and door frames, black can be used in more ways than one in the modern living room as well. Making an instant impact even while blending in with the rest of the room, a black coffee table is one such stylish and dare we say, trendy option. Moving away from the transparent beauty of glass and acrylic coffee tables and the warmth of those in wood, a black coffee table seems inherently more contemporary and far more polished in appeal.

Yet, the term ‘black coffee table ’ seems far too generic to describe the wide range of options on offer here! While some fit in effortlessly with traditional, luxurious and even Victorian style living rooms, others add to the sparkle of minimal and contemporary living spaces. Giving your living room an undeniable focal point and even anchoring those draped in neutral hues, a coffee table in black is as versatile as it is adaptable. With that in mind, here are 20 latest finds that are both diverse and dashing.

Minimalist Black and White Coffee Table

Large Square Black Coffee Table Oak White Gloss

Modern Black Coffee Table

Moving away from the simple square and rectangles, it seems it is the circular and elliptical coffee table that is the more popular option in contemporary homes. This holds true in the case of the black coffee table as well with this trendy choice bringing in both visual and geometric contrast to a space dominated by neutral colors and straight lines. The hexagonal coffee table in black is another chic option while those really willing to experiment can bring home a masterpiece that is both abstract and sculptural in its silhouette. Beyond the form, it is the curated finish of the coffee table that gives it its contemporary appeal.

Transitional Living Room with Black Coffee Table

Low Black Coffee Table With Modern Design Ideas

From the modern we move on to the world of traditional black coffee tables and while many might find the idea unappealing, they are definitely nothing to frown about. Combining the best of luxury Italian design with intricate craftsmanship and a dash of golden glint, these mesmerizing décor pieces would fit into even contemporary space when used right. Often, it is dark marble stone that acts as the table top surface and a metallic base that is filled with ornate design and clad in gold. If you love opulence and an air of timeless wonder, then these coffee tables are absolutely perfect indeed!

Small Circular Side Table Combine with Low-slung Coffee Table in The Living Room

Large Round Coffee Table in Black for The Spacious Living Room

Black Coffee Table for Small Spaces

Want to replace your large coffee table with something far more versatile? Then why not think about combining several smaller side tables to create a coffee table of your own! Another hot trend in the decorating world, the black side table can also serve as a cool coffee table in living room where it is more of an aesthetic than practical choice. Of course, in small studio apartments, this is all you will ever need and it also gives you a more flexible floor plan while hosting friends and family.

Elegant Modern Black Coffee Table

Contemporary Black Glass Coffee Table Sets

2017 Popular Modern Black Coffee Table Ideas

Whether you wish to combine the black coffee table with another smaller side table or are thinking of ways in which to decorate it, it is important to find hues that blend in beautifully with black. Those searching for the ‘wow factor’ can opt for bolder choices like orange and red, giving the coffee table a vibrant and spunky look. Metallics also combine well with black while accessories in white accentuate the black and white color scheme of your living room. It is all about what works best with the specific style and ambiance set in your own living space.

Create Your Own Coffee Table Combo with Multiple Smaller Tables Design Ideas

Coffee Table in Black Can Be Combined with a Variety of Decor Additions

Why Get a Round Black Coffee Table?

When you are thinking of getting a round black coffee table, what is the first thing that you are thinking of? Chances are good that you are thinking in terms of good design and clean lines, but the truth of the matter is that you will have many different choices to make. A good round black coffee table is essentially very close to being like a little black dress; it goes with everything and you will find that when you are thinking about getting a living environment that really suits you that it is a terrific place to start.

Trendy Side Tables in Black Can Also Double as Smart Coffee Table Ideas

Small Coffee Tables Coupled with Larger Pieces for Greater Visual Impact

Gold Vases Bring Glitter to The Round Black Coffee Table Ideas

In the first place, would you think that you are more drawn to clear, clean lines or do you prefer a living area that is a little more busy? You will find that a black coffee table of this sort will suit either aesthetic. For instance, you can make sure that the coffee table that you get has a high gloss finish and that you will be able to leave it completely clear. A piece of furniture like this tends to stand for itself quite well. On the other hand, you could adorn it with lovely white flowers in a tall black class vase for a more elegant look, or you can even strew it with lovely photo books to create a more homey look.

Couch in White Next to The Black Coffee Table Makes for a Dramatic Visual

Combine Smaller Side Tables and Black Coffee Tables to Create a Unique Focal Point in The Living Room

Another thing that you should keep in mind when you are looking at moving forward with your coffee table is that you should think about placement. A round coffee table is something that usually needs at least two, usually three pieces of furniture around it. When you are using the coffee table as the center of your decorating schemes, remember that you do not want to cut it off from the rest of the room, but that you should also keep the flow of room in mind.

Minimal Round Coffee Table in Black

Take some time and really figure out everything that a lovely round black coffee table can do for your needs!

Choosing a Black Coffee Table

Our instincts often tell us to choose neutrals when we make big furniture decisions. But you can select a neutral that doesn’t say boring. Consider creating a room outfitted in black-and-white. Your choice is bold, crisp, and fresh. When you balance these two bold color choices in a room, you’ll still stay neutral, and you’ll create a sophisticated look for your home.

Choosing this color scheme for a living room means you’ll have a wealth of choices available to you. Aside from the upholstered furniture in your living room-the sofa, chairs, ottomans, or sectional-the piece of furniture that grounds the entire design is the coffee table. This important choice reinforces a look for a room. Choose your upholstery, then consider a black coffee table.

Geo Style Base of The Black Coffee Tables Steals Best Furniture

One choice in a traditional room is a painted pedestal table. A turned wood pedestal and a round top can stand strong when placed in front of white sofa or black-and-white print upholstery. For a casual country look, you can choose a black coffee table with a natural wood top. When you combine a natural wood treatment with a piece of black furniture, it softens the boldness of your choice.

Chic Low-sling Coffee Table for Small Living Room with Low Ceiling

Similarly, a black coffee table with geometric lines can tie together the design in a contemporary urban condo. Imagine a long, low white leather sofa that sits behind a black marble-topped table, a backdrop of city lights sparkling outside the window. Add some natural materials in pillows and window coverings to avoid a too-cold feeling, and you’ll have an unforgettable room.

Brass and Black Coffee Table for The Luxurious Living Room

If you decide to change your black-and-white décor, your black coffee table need not be left behind. This timeless piece of furniture remains a strong choice against rich colors such as red and gold in a traditional home, or against graphite grey or a clear citrus green in a contemporary design.

Dashing Traditional Coffee Table in Gold and Black

After you choose a black coffee table, in whatever style that suits your décor, don’t leave it unadorned. A simple black table needs to be topped off with something unforgettable. A low glass vase filled with yellow flowers? A bright silver box where you can toss the remotes? A colorful tray carried back from an overseas adventure? The surface of your black coffee table is a blank canvas (a black blank canvas, that is) for whatever treasure you want to showcase in your home.

Custom Coffee Table in Black Marble and Base Clad in Gold Ideas

With the rising popularity of outdoor living rooms, it’s easy to carry your black and white décor outside. Whether you choose elegant upholstered outdoor seating in ivory, or classic white Adirondack chairs, don’t forget to add a coffee table made of an outdoor material such as cast iron or a black all-weather wicker. You’ll have everything you need to enjoy the comforts of your patio, and you’ll be building a chic place to relax and entertain.

Stylish Black Coffee Table with Glassy Charm and a Hint of Black Elegance

Living Room in Brown and Black with a Smart Coffee Table

Contrary to what you might think, black does not hide dust and dirt. Plan to regularly dust a coffee table that has a black painted or stained surface to keep it looking good. If you have a glass- or stone-topped black coffee table, use the right spray cleaner recommended for that surface. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for choosing cleaning materials.

Moroni Contemporary CoffeeTable Bring Sculptural Beauty Design Ideas

Exquisite Contemporary Coffee Table from Vitra

Whatever style you choose, when you have a black coffee table, there’s no question about where the center of the room, the center of conversation, and the center of this design lies. Choosing a black coffee table gives you an unmistakable focal point for the most important gathering place in the house.

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