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25 Black and White Bathroom Ideas for Modern and Retro Styles


Black and White Bathroom Ideas – The ultimate contrast between pure black and white is renowned for creating dramatic minimalist schemes, but it has an equally important part to play in softer, more traditional rooms as well. Throughout the centuries, black and white, probably more than any other colors, have remained popular. Black and white bathroom ideas can be the focal point of your new bathroom decor. These colors do work well with modern and retro styles.

Black and white bathroom ideas don’t have to be boring, and these creative designs are here to prove it. Gain inspiration for your neutral space, no matter the size or style. For added interest in an otherwise monochromatic bathroom, look to patterns with a variety of shapes and sizes. Large porcelain floor tiles in this master bath contrast mini glass mosaic tiles on a nearby shower surround.

Trendy Black and White Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Simple Bathroom in Black and White Interior Design Ideas

When we plan for the design and decoration of our home, the bathroom is not something that instantly comes to mind. Often, it is one of the last spaces we pay attention to, and many of us do not have the luxury of expansive bathrooms that bring home the ambiance of a luxury spa. The color scheme of the bathroom is something that we all get stuck with, and while the options and themes are endless, few, if any, come close to the classic black and white look. The black and white bathroom is a timeless choice that can be adapted to suit any design style, ranging from the rustic to the minimal.

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Smart Combination of Black and White Bathroom Ideas

Black and White Bathroom Decorating Ideas with Lighting

One of the obvious comforts of this color scheme is the fact that you can hardly ever go wrong with it. It is a hip color combination in bathrooms that has survived centuries and has never been dubbed as ‘out of touch’ with the current trends. Elegant, expressive and at times quirky, here are black and white bathroom ideas that should inspire you to revamp your own bathroom with ebony and ivory!

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Simple and Elegant Black and White Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Black and White Bathroom Decorating for Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Black and White Bathroom Idea

The black and white color scheme makes everything look a lot more striking, beautiful, sleek and refined. This is one of the reasons why it is preferred by those looking to add a luxurious vibe to their bathroom. A balance between the black and white tones is essential in creating this perfect look. Too much black can bring in a sense of dullness when not done right. Apart from a balanced use of the darker tones, lighting plays a key role in truly making the black and white bathroom spectacular.

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Small Black and White Bathroom Idea

Luxurious Black and White Bathroom Decorating Ideas

This is a beautiful luxurious bathroom design done in black and white color theme. Even though not many people have that spacious bathrooms you can still learn how to mix these colors well. Everything besides bathroom appliances could be black. Although there are pure black bathrooms out there for real fans of the color. To add some additional contrast you can use black grout with white tiles. A black toilet seat is also a cool thing to consider. Even with simple square tiles you can create beautiful patterns and nice tile borders. A black and white bathroom could be designed not only in modern but in traditional style too. Adding gray won’t make a black and white design any less interesting.

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Traditional and Luxurious Bathroom in Black and White Ideas

Black and White Bathroom Decorating with Bathroom Vanity

Be it a stunning chandelier , lovely sconces or dazzling pendants, lighting sets the tone and the mood. While that is true in most cases, it is especially important in rooms that use black extensively, as poor lighting can lead to too many dark corners. Most lavish home bathrooms that embrace a black and white combo have a smart blend of several layers of artificial illumination, along with adequate natural ventilation.

Black and White Bathroom with Pendant Lamp Steals the Show

Modern Black and White Bathroom Interior Ideas

Fabulous Black and White Bathroom Combines with Textures

Black and white bathrooms allow you to hop in on the latest trends in more ways than just one. Apart from staying relevant across different styles and eras, this unique color scheme allows you to shift between accent colors with ease. Thanks to the neutral backdrop, any accent color that you pick will stand out instantly and make its presence felt. So, you can swap between tangy orange, regal purple or refreshing yellow by simply switching the bath mat or the towels that are neatly rolled and tucked away in the corner.

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Contemporary Master Bathroom in Black, White and Gray Ideas

Black and White Bathroom Accent Colors with Ease in The Bathroom

Black and White Wallpaper for the Bathroom

Beautiful Black and White Bathroom Ideas

Red and yellow are the two obvious favorites when it comes to accent hues in the black and white bathroom. If you are stuck in a studio apartment or stylish urban loft with little greenery around, then potted plants are a great addition as well. Gold, brass and copper are a few of the hot metallic accents that are really taking over in 2017. These glittering additions also look ravishing as accent touches while keeping in tune with the theme of your bathroom.

Black and White Bathroom with Golden Charm Ideas

Black and White Master Bathroom Interior Ideas

From the classic, we move on to the contemporary, and the options here are simply endless. The black and white look in the bathroom seems custom-made for those who love the minimalist approach to interior design. The lack of color makes it an ideal choice, as it eliminates any additional frills. Combine this with clean and well-defined lines, lacquered surfaces, a floating vanity and minimal decor, and you have the perfect minimalist bath. The addition of a standalone tub in black or white that complements the rest of the bathroom is a stylish bonus.

Black and White Bathrooms with Simplest Accent Hues

Black, White and Gray Bathroom Coupled with Warm Wooden Tones

Wood is a wonderful addition to the black and white bathroom. It removes any possibility of blandness and sterile monotony and adds inviting warmth to the space. A wall-mounted wooden medicine cabinet with a mirror or even an exquisite floating vanity with a sink can serve this purpose. Throw in a few scented candles and the right music, and you can have a rejuvenating and relaxing dip at home every single day!

Modern Minimalist Bathroom in Black and White with Unique Lighting

Contemporary Bathroom in Black and White Ideas

Opting for a black and white color scheme does not mean you limit yourself to just two shades. In fact, you can vary the tone and hue of each color by using different tiles to play with the character of the room. At times, you can even incorporate the many shades of grey to add an accent wall that does not drastically stray from the color palette. Do not limit yourself to the same old black and white checkerboard effect along with simple color combinations. With grey being one of the hottest new neutrals , it is well worth adding to the black and white bathroom.

Black and White Bathroom Accent Colors with Ease in The Bathroom

Whether it is the modern variation on the traditional black and white theme with marble surfaces, floating cabinets and standalone tubs or the tried and tested look, there is no denying the grandeur of this enduring combo. It is one way of making sure that your bathroom stays both cool and classy at the same time.

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