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15 Live Edge Wood Vanity Top for Rustic Bathroom Ideas


Looking for new ways to add natural beauty and the goodness of nature to your home without seeming all too obvious? live edge decor provides the perfect unique opportunity to do so. Live edge furniture is currently a hot trend that is growing more popular, and with each passing day we are seeing designers across the globe incorporate it in creative new ways that move away from the mundane. And one of our absolute favorites is the live edge wood vanity top in the bathroom that brings home the wow factor!

DIY Live Edge Wood Vanity Top

Live edge wood vanity tops can be combined with floating vanity units made in a different material or can also be used as standalone pieces that offer exactly what you need in smaller bathrooms and powder rooms. They range from the spectacular to the simple, and yet every one of these vanities ushers in a cool, organic vibe that gives the bathroom a major facelift. Whether you are looking to give your existing bathroom a quick makeover or still searching for that ideal vanity to complete your new powder room, here is an option that you just cannot overlook.

Modern Rustic Bathroom with a Natural Edge Wood Vanity Top

Create Your Own Live Edge Wood Vanity Top with a Slab of Wood

A Slab of Wood

All you need here is the right slab of wood, and the more untreated and rugged it is, the better. Of course, some bathrooms demand a more polished approach to even the live edge wood vanity top, but we will get to that later. A beautiful and natural slab of wood acting as a vanity top in the bathroom often ends up becoming the unrivaled focal point of the space it graces, and it can also define and determine the style of the room itself. Despite the vanity top acting as an entire vanity on its own, there is plenty of counter space here, and you can extend the length of the vanity top to create even more!

Live Edge Vanity Top for The Modern Powder Room with Gray Tiled Wall

Natural Slab of Wood for Both Bathroom Shelves and Vanity

It is the rugged natural edge of the vanity top that gives it a unique identity and allows you to create a custom bathroom that is truly exceptional. But it is important to ensure that the lighting around the live edge wood vanity top is absolutely perfect to bring out its very best and highlight all those knots, nicks and cuts that make it so very special.

Wood Slab Vanity Picture Design Ideas

Rugged and Refined

The general perception is that live edge furniture is only in homes with a rustic bent and should only be used in spaces with farmhouse, Mediterranean or other exotic styles. That, of course, is a fad that you will quickly get past once you actually start seeing how amazing live edge pieces can be when used in contemporary and modern interiors. It is no different in the case of the live edge wood vanity top and the contemporary bathroom clad in sophisticated gray or relaxing white. The neutral backdrop of a modern bathroom allows the vanity top to shine through, even as its rough finish and woodsy charm bring a whole new dimension to the refined setting.

Live Edge Wood Vanity Top for Modern Bathrom Design Ideas

Contemporary Powder Room with Live Edge Wood Vanity Top Picture

Small Powder Rooms

Apart from offering textural contrast inside the modern bathroom, a live edge wood vanity top can also be a smart space saver when placed in the corner of a tiny powder room where every inch matters. Since you do not need too much storage or even counter space, a small slab of wood will do the trick, and combined with the right sink and plumbing, you can create a wide range of styles that vary from industrial to rustic. Sconce lighting next to the mirror or a simple pendant light along with the frame of the mirror used in the powder room can define this style and reinforce it with ease.

Tropical Powder Room with Live Edge Wood Vanity

How to Make a Wood Vanity Top

So, are you ready to fall in love with live edge wood vanity top this fall?

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