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Modern Bathroom Design Ideas To Be Implemented From Luxury Hotels


There is nothing more luxurious and extravagant than a hotel-style bathroom. Sleek, chic and opulent, a hotel bathroom is the ultimate design choice for adding a touch of modern glamour to your home. We have gathered bathroom design ideas to steal from luxury hotels around the world! One of the recent trends is boutique hotels that create a welcoming, personal, intimate spaces that feel unusual.

Modern Showers

The shower is often a highlight in a hotel bathroom and therefore yours should be nothing less. Think massage jets, interior mood lighting and of course a walk in shower enclosure. Many bathrooms are equipped with electric showers and a wall mounted shower head could be the perfect upgrade. Upgrading your shower is one of the easiest ways to update a tired bathroom not to mention an easy way to inject some luxury. Today, thanks to the latest technology, your shower can double up as a steam room and we can’t think of a better way to add a touch of luxury to a relaxing space.

Amazing Minimalist Modern Luxurious Hotel Bathroom in World

The Most Luxurious Hotel Bathroom Ideas

Amazing Luxurious Hotel Bathroom in World

Plush Towels

When it comes to upgrading your bathroom to reflect the luxury found in a hotel suite, accessories are the key. Every bathroom can benefit from some plush towels and bath linens as we all know that cloud-like towels are a must for many fancy hotels. Add a plush stack of towels and add a bathrobe too for maximum luxury and comfort.

The Most Luxurious Hotel Bathroom in Banyan Tree Shanghai

Simple Luxury Bathroom Hotel Ideas

The Most Luxurious Hotel Bathroom in Mandarin Oriental Milan

Mood Lighting

When it comes to creating a bathroom that is brimming with luxury, lighting plays a crucial role. Harsh lighting can make a bathroom feel clinical and cold so when choosing lighting for your bathroom, try to think outside of the box. Rather than just one light source, mix it up by adding an illuminated mirror and don’t forget to consider shower lighting too. Many of the latest electric showers come with their very own set of mood lighting to create a pleasant ambiance at speed. Add a couple of candles to soften the mood.

Luxury Hotel Bathroom Ideas

Luxury Bathroom Hotel in Italy

Luxury Bathroom Hotel in New York

Small Minimalist Luxury Bathroom Hotel Ideas

Luxury Bathroom Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Heated Radiators

Another timeless addition to your bathroom that you might find in luxury hotels is a heated towel radiator. The benefit of a product like this is twofold. Not only do they heat your towels so that you don’t feel the chill when you step out of the shower but they also provide a perfect place to store your towels increasing the storage potential in your bathroom and keeping all of your linens in one place.

Luxury Bathroom Hotel in Maison Valentina

Luxury Bathroom Hotel with Mosaic Tiles

Luxury Minimalist Luxury Bathroom Hotel Ideas

The Most Luxurious Hotel Bathroom in Mandarin

A Timeless Colour Scheme

One thing you might notice when you enter a luxury hotel bathroom is that the décor is classic. Bright colours and bold patterns could look dated after a few years’ time so it is always wise to opt for neutral shades when revamping your bathroom décor. Black and white is always a classic combination and you can’t go wrong with metallics.

The Most Luxurious Hotel Bathroom in Hong Kong

The Most Luxurious Hotel Bathroom Ideas

Hotel Luxury Bathroom Interior Design

Five-star Hotel Luxury Bathroom Interior Design

If you are refreshing your bathroom décor or upgrading your bathroom with modern showers and accessories, we hope this article has inspired you. Use these five easy upgrade options to transform your existing bathroom into a luxurious retreat.

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