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Small Shower Room Ideas for Small Bathrooms


Small Shower Room Ideas – Rather than add a space-gobbling storage tower or corner shelf to your small shower room , transform the cavity between studs into a storage niche. Line the niche with waterproof materials that complement or match shower walls, such as ceramic tiles or solid-surfacing, or use a molded prefab shower niche to add recessed storage.

Small Shower Room Design in Bathroom

Combine Forces

When there isn’t space available for a separate tub and shower and you absolutely must have a tub, consider a tub-shower combination. Choose from molded models (that come in one piece or as two or more sections) or create your own combination by surrounding a tub with a waterproof surface, such as tile or solid-surfacing. Enclose the tub-shower combo with glass doors that slide or swing open, or add color and pattern with a fabric or vinyl shower curtain.

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Small Shower Room Design for Small Bathroom Design

Toss the Tub

If you rarely take a bath and can live without a tub, replace it with a walk-in shower. While the space once occupied by a bathtub is narrow (about 30 inches in most cases), you could gain a shower that’s about 5 feet long. That’s plenty of room for a fixed showerhead at one end and a built-in bench at the other with a generous wall length between for multiple recessed storage niches.

Modern Black Wall Small Shower Room Design

All About Eaves

For an attic or upper-level bathroom, investigate under the eaves to see if there’s enough height to tuck in a shower. Position the showerhead at the highest point inside the shower. And, use the low-ceiling portion of the shower for a built-in bench if there’s enough floor space remaining.

Small Space Bathroom with Small Shower Room Design

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