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How to Make Kitchen Cabinet Doors Effectively


Learning how to make cabinet doors doesn’t really require rocket science. Once warmed up with the basics of it, you’ll begin to realize the process being much less daunting than it seems. Drawing out your cabinets or building them is the first step to take. What follows them is the decision-making phase on what door style you desire putting up.

How to Make Kitchen Cabinet Doors

There are plenty of styles that you can go with. The simplest one would be the slab type made of plain and flat material. Typically, it only takes a sturdy piece of melamine or plywood. You just have to make sure that in this kind of kitchen cabinet door , all edges need covering. Ironed edge banding works perfectly well to meet that purpose.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors Reatoration, Repair and Installation

How to Make Cabinet Doors Effectively

The kitchen is a vital part of the home, which is why it has to remain fully functional at all times. Kitchen cabinets are mainly built for storage of cooking utensils or ingredients or for both. Kitchen cabinet doors are simply made the same way as other cabinet doors are. The differences can only be seen in the materials being used. First of all, you will need a strongly built plywood box also known as a carcase. It needs to be trimmed in accordance to the dimensions of the cabinet. It is also recommended that the carcase be made of three quarters of plywood with rabbets or dadoes. That way, the backing and the shelves can be held sturdily even with weights on them.

How to Make Shaker Cabinet Doors

Now why would you love to go with shaker cabinet doors? Here are three reasons why:

  • These cabinet doors portray the Old World classic in craftsmanship. The symmetry: quaint beauty.
  • They are simple overlays that are easy to make.
  • As inset panel doors made of hardwood glued tightly with the frame, the durability achieved is faultless.

As far as the creation of shaker cabinet doors, you need to remember the necessity of the overlay having a measure of ¾ inches. ¼ inch of hardwood actually does the trick, too, if you happen to have flat-front door panels. With this kind of material, there shouldn’t be any interference for the hinges when opening and closing the door. Add vertical strips of hardwood evenly between the bottom and top strips to take your shaker a step ahead.

How to Make Simple Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Warning : Avoid excessive amounts of glue. When it oozes from under a strip you applied it to, immediately wipe off to avoid dirt and stain from permanently marking the surface. Otherwise, add some paint to the kitchen doors with a color that fits well.

How to Make Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinet doors are like magic with how they can beautify not only the cabinet itself but also the entire kitchen. You will only need a couple materials for that. But before you start on the steps on how to make cabinet doors, you must first gather the following:

  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Ruler
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Glass panels
  • Glass clips
  • Router

The first step would be measuring the dimensions. Once determined, mark linings on the glass panels and cut them accordingly. Drill holes to where the glass clips are to be installed. Create a neat lip where the glass will be sitting on using the router. Install your newly-made glass doors and voila, mission accomplished!

Creating kitchen cabinet doors , with the right resources, can turn out to be an exciting activity to pursue. Once you get the knack of it, cabinets as good looking as the product of Cabinets Direct can be crafted in no time.

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