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Design and Types of Kitchen Counter Tops for Your Stylish Kitchen


It is every woman’s dream to have a cooking area that is presentable and gives a serene environment where food can be prepared slowly and perfectly. This is not only dictated by kitchen cabinet or wall colors. It is also determined by kitchen counter tops available. Getting the best kitchen counter tops makes your work easier in each and every way. While purchasing counter top for your kitchen, it is essential to familiarize yourself first with many types of kitchen countertops that are available in order to help you analyze all, and come up with a conclusion of which one will perfectly suit you.

Kitchen Countertops Options Ideas

Types and Designs of Kitchen Counter Tops

  • If you want a kitchen countertop that is affordable, you can go for Formica. With this kind of material, your counter top will be easy to clean.
    There are counter tops that are patterned or plain that comes in handy for people with low budgets.
  • A laminated kitchen counter has been made using thin boards and is set of an existing countertop. These types of kitchen counter tops are easy to clean. Only disadvantage is that they are not resistant to constant wear and tear.
  • You can also use kitchen tiles as your countertop. This is an old school way and is applicable to people who want an old school touch in their kitchens.
  • If you want a counter top for your kitchen that will give value for your money, go for granite kitchen counter tops. They are one of the most preferred counter tops for both in commercial buildings and homes. Aside from giving your home a classy and sophisticated ambience, they are durable and will surely last long. These types of counter tops are easy to maintain and are child friendly. The main advantage is that they can be repaired in case of any damage. Purchasing a granite counter top can be a bit expensive this should not pull you back because once you purchase, you are assured of getting quality and long lasting service from it. They are a very good investment too and Kashmir gold granite is one example of granite countertop to purchase.
  • Solid surface counter tops are a type of counter tops that offers versatility. They do not store stains and give you ability of making your kitchen seamless.
  • You can also have an engineered surface as a counter top. The advantage of this type of counter top is that it gives long lasting service. If fails, by any chance, you can return it to the manufacturer since they come with warranties.

Soapstone Countertops Cost

Making your kitchen look presentable and appealing does not depend on the choice of cupboards and cabinets; you should select the best quality that will give life to your kitchen. While purchasing any type of countertop, it is essential to analyze what kind of service it will give you first. Whether it is easy to clean, easily breakable or whether they offer room for bacterial growth. Look for counter tops from authorized dealers and distributors of top quality countertops and cabinets such as Cabinets Direct to ensure their durability. Having these facts in mind will help you in acquiring best kitchen counter tops that will leave you contented.

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